Trevor Gould: The Clown complex. Prudence

The Clown complex. Prudence.

Life size robotic figure with head that turns in reaction to the viewer in a cycle so that at each stage of rest a different face completes the figure. Diverse material, motors, sensor memory chip.

Year: 2008

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Exhibition at Lilian Rodriguez Gallery, Montreal

November 13 to December 5





"I work from the insight that sculpture is a form of social material and that my exhibitions involve the production of artwork that can be viewed as a form of cultural research. The very act of putting objects on exhibition is comprehended as the substance of installation practice itself, in both its cultural and social variations. Working out from the perspective of Zoos, Botanical gardens, and World exhibitions as representations of a "geography of exhibiting," these sites are explored in their relationship to the contemporary museum through the significance of their related display practices."

--Trevor Gould



Trevor Gould: all the yellow birds of Quebec

Patterns of consistency where in life none exists: all the yellow birds of Quebec. Material: Water colour on wall, approx 31 individual species of birds in water color fixed to museum board and nailed to the wall, with a plywood shelf. Year: 2008


Trevor Gould: Albino dummy

Albino dummy, Year: 2008, Height Approx: 46 cm, Material: Styrofoam, plaster, glass eyes, clay paint sisal



"Gould's work can be interpreted as an exploration of the way images and objects represent the beliefs, attitudes, and values in our social history. A prime concern for Gould is the interior mapping that guides and mediates our actions and our sense of presence in the world. His work thus addresses issues of our awareness and understanding of cultural space."

-- Dominique Fontaine, 2004



Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Trevor Gould studied at the Johannesburg College of Art and at the University of South Africa. Gould arrived in Canada in 1980. Currently, he lives and works in Montreal, where he teaches at Concordia University.



Trevor Gould exhibition will start on November 13 and will continue until December 18, 2010. The exhibition is at Lilian Rodriguez Gallery (Saint-Catherine West, Espace 405, Montreal, QC, H3B 1A2 ).

For more information go to:

Trevor Gould Website:

Lilian Rodriguez Gallery Website:


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