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The Wolf's Paradigm

Zoya Marincheva


Short of a tongue's whip,

mirages of life

nest between the teeth.

My words, oh, wilted flowers,

can only describe the past

in its verisimilitude.

The accountant who uses only irregular verbs


drinks tea - efficiently -

forever hung on the visceral power

of heavy silences.

The ropes of his youth

have tightened around his neck.

A human in a wolf's order,

explaining the human wonders

with the cycles of a wolf's hunger.

Talking to the accountant

is like howling back at the amber moon,

is like surrendering the whip

to a torturer who only looks human,

but human his tongue is not.

His tongue is lurking behind

an evolutionary principle.

The battle is between myths,

rarely between monsters.

The accountant is talking about wolves

with slumped ears and curled tails -

decrepit wolves with decrepit pride -

that humans call dogs.

The wolf that speaks through him

is both elated and grim.

Talking to a wolf is like eating snow.

You'll survive to be a shadow.

The accountant chains the shadows.

Then time turns backwards and

the mirages of life get a past.

The past is an unlocked cave

with a wedding photo shoot at its mouth.

As you try to cut across the guest line

to enter the cave,

the maid-of-honor yells

that you can't get in without a guide.

The photo shoot is an eternity

of festive life

against a dark cave that lurks,

holding an unexplored tremor.

The one-syllable growls of the accountant

over the yells of the maid-of-honor:

it all syncs together in a beautiful symphony,

in which monsters die, and

myths procreate.

The accountant scares me -

the way he looks at the maid-of-honor.


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