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by Paul A. Toth


The Montreal Review, October 2010



Lilies from Japan

Up the Pacific Coast Highway
looking at Japan
we served complaints
and divided us
the math completed
the calculations now proofs
we set aside our chalk
our algebraic talk


The Agoraphobic

stucco pants
aluminum shirt
shag underwear
porcelain shoes

he became
his apartment

beyond the glass
above the a/c
meaningbirds whistle


The Tyranny of the Senses

High above the trampoline tumult
everything seems and seems and seems
I see a lamp post become a tree
then the tree a forest
in that forest flew a thousand moths
high above wings nearing the sun
I descend and see only canvas
I think to paint my visual trespass
all of this I see don't see
converging so haphazardly
networks of neural imagery
confine my future
thus I resign myself to fates
less random
and connect
only dots
in tandem


Expressionist Film

she presents dreams
sheared of plot points
scripts unsupervised
devised by disorganized mind

both bipolarized
or so they say
we steal our succor
from mouths of pills
plastic-coated infants
born in labs then down the hatch
capsules aborted in gastric light

all hail Caesar of mind

"Controlled substance"
the pharmacy girl balks
refusing a refill
to her I say
"I am the sorcerer of scripts"

the palest shades of sky
the dusk of relief
sedation sedating
plots dotted with plot points
disjointed at the joints
repaired in the breaking


The Reductionists

lawnchaired drinkers with poolside blues
awaiting dogs roaming fields
lurking lurking



Paul A. Toth is the author of three novels, his latest being Finale. His next, Airplane Novel, will be released in July 2011. He also publishes poetry, nonfiction and multimedia pieces. Links to all of his work can be accessed via


Painting: "Sakura 2009" by Etsu Inoue.

Etsu Inoue is a Canadian artist, based in Vancouver. She began studying traditional Japanese monochrome brushwork at the age of eight. For her paintings she uses materials typical for the Japanese art - Washi paper, back ink and mineral water colours.

Inoue's art works can be seen online: at:


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