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MONTREAL: You were good to me!



May, 2007

Ok, so I have spend some days in relaxing mode, sleeping well in a hotel between the Chinese quarter and Village - the alternative gay scene - and having a couple of days of well-deserved rest. Although, as you see what I have been doing these last days, I mean walking around in Montreal for hours in the hope to see as much as possible once I am here...

Well I think the pictures do give a good idea about what I have been seeing so far, you still need some background info to some of them to really appreciate the beauty of some views. On my way form Trois-Rivieres to Montreal, two things were really funny. The picture with the `Dutchmen` called RV- campers. That was so funny, I have looking at those for nearly 15 minutes and having so much fun about it. That is how people remember us dutchies, we are the ones with the small campers.

The other one of course was the bar between Berthierville and Montreal, that announced the evening event, chansonniers with wet T-shirts. Now that sounds awfully kinky to me, but yeah country folk do get lonely or they have tried all the other stuff and nothing drew puiblic anymore. I am still figuring out other possibilities; anyone of you got a good idea, please let me know!

One thougt struck me when I was en route to Montreal, suddenly looking at the woods and the trees in particular I realised that the sort/type of tree had changed after Quebec form the needle-type to the leaf-type. Could be that it has something to do with the original settlers cutting down the needle ones for wood in the winter and that the leaf ones took over the empty spaces. Could be that the soil is better suited for the other type of tree. Could be that this type was planted, because the wood is better suited for usage in household stuff, like tables and chairs and cabinets. Anyone any bright ideas about that. Perhaps a combination of all of these factors.

Another thing that I even discussed with a guy I met in a bar, that doesn`t stop to amaze me. Why don`t I see any french car here? In a province that does its best to be as french as possible, or at least does its best for the major part to not forget the french roots, they should drive french cars I would assume. No, there is not a single one. I mean I could have seen at least 1 imported example. Nope, no luck. Okay, you say, that is because those are european cars and they don`t have those here. Again I will have to correct you, I have seen multitudes of Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, SAAB, Landrover, you name it. But no Peugeot or Renault or Citroen. Strange phenomenon that.

Went out for dinner last evening and walked down St Catherine`s. Going east that means walking down the Village. OK, gay as hell for 2 km`s. Big fun, I feel very relaxed between all hose people. Lot of strong looking dykes as well. Very friendly atmosphere, especially because the temperature at 10 in the evening was still around 27 C. So a lot of people were dressed for the occasion and temperature, lots of bare flesh around. You don`t hear me compaining. Had bought earlier on the day a summer trouser and 2 blouses to go with it, because that I didn`t bring with me into Canada. And I like to look a little bit dressed when I go out in the weekend, you know. After having cruised around and tasted the environment, I decide to go for a bite. Couldn`t really pick one out because I had actually set my mind to Indian food. I have that craving sometimes for a particular cuisine. Couldn`t find one so I decided to go for one where the music wasn`t too loud, place not too crowded (means I get served fast) and with a variety of dishes so I could choose. Found one, went in and in no time I had this absurdly smiling and funny waitress helping me. Sher and her brother owned the restaurant and she was either liking me a lot ( her bosom was clearly showing in her too small shirt and she was bending over a lot of times ) or she simply liked the fact that I was obviously not only gay. Well she - after the order had been taken - told me that Iwas looking at a building at the opposite side of the street that was very famous in Montreal. Post Station C is the largest dark room in the world it seems. Women are not allowed she told me with a mischievous smile, but as she knew one the owners, she managed the have a peek inside early one evening. On weekend nights more than 1000 men enter and it is the rawdiest place in town, so they say. Well and there I am sitting at my table eating my meat and looking at the biggest meat market in town. Rita - the owner/waitress was fishing for comments from me, but I kept silent, no use to give the game away that quickly...

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